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Grapple Dog


Jump, Swing and Zip your way through colourful worlds and exciting challenges in this unique 2D action-platformer! Master the power of the Grapple on your adventure to save the world!



Release Date


Medallion Games

Super Rare Games

February 10th 2022

PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,

Xbox Series S/X


Physical Edition


A physical version of the game is available, published by Super Rare Games. This is a limited edition release, so grab a copy while stocks last!



Game Credits

Game Design, Art, Programming

Joseph Gribbin



Jazz Mickle


Additional Vocals

Aran P. Ink



Sound Design, Implementation

Damion Sheppard


Sound Design

Becky Street

Thommaz Kauffmann


FMOD GMS2 Integration

Alessandro Fama


Nintendo Switch Port

Nathan 'Lateralis' Haddock

Xbox Port

James Begg


Special Thanks

Zara Fisher

Sharon Grant

Steven Gribbin

Sam Buckstone

Sean Galloway

Chris Abraham


Adam Saltsman

Jay Baylis

Everyone who bought Magnibox

Pablo the Dog RIP

Juju Adams

Sarah Mancuso

David Fenn


Roxanne (@cyansorcery)

Super Rare


Head of Saying Stuff

Anni Valkama


Head of Spotting Mistakes

Danni Cawley


Head of Atmosphere

David Michaels


Head of Drama

Emma Beattie


Head of Glitches

Finely Reed


Head of High Scores

Fred Perkins


Head of Doing Stuff

George Perkins


Head of Problem Solving

Helen Jones


Head of Honesty

Isaac Overton-Farnham


Head of Precision

Jahran Douglas-Jones


Head of Serious Stuff

Jason Perkins


Head of Pretty Things

Kit Pinder


Head of Exploration

Laurel Smith


Head of Focus

Lauren Middleton


Head of Customer Happiness

Lindsey Reed


Head of Filming Things

Ralph Kitt Green


Head of Words

Ryan Brown


Head of Speedrunning

Sal Tibbett


Head of Parties

Sandra Campos


Head of Colours

Stu Townsend


Head of Making Things Happen

Thomas King


Head of Smooth Production

Tom Buchanan


Head of Counting

Tracy Bradbery


Head of Numbers

Verity Murphy



Loc Project Manager

Sara Gonzalez



Nuno Miranda

Xurxo Ferreirós Gómez

Juliana Lemos

Alexander Faisst

Thomas Partensky

Heleen Kleiboer

Alex Liu



Jesús Calzado Díaz

Bram Starink

Rafael Antunes Dotti

Jonathan Gillet

Alvin Vojic

Marta Texeira



QA Manager

Jack Walker


QA Project Manager

Steven Hobbs


QA Lead

Ashton Barber


QA Testers

Mia Chan

Carolina Correia

Jack Course

Caleb Crawley-Queen

Connor Whitehouse

Adam Davidson


CQA Tester

Darius Moeni

Grapple Dog Copyright 2022

Medallion Games Ltd.


Made in Game Maker Studio 2


Aseprite by

Igara Studio


JuiceFX by

Davit Masia


FMOD Studio by

Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.

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