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Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines Announced!

That's right! Pablo's back! And this time he's not alone...

Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines is the standalone sequel to Grapple Dog, the acclaimed indie hit 2D action-platformer from Medallion Games. The pettable, adventurous, acrobatic pup Pablo returns, with his trusty grappling hook allowing him to zip across levels and worlds throughout the cosmos, completing tricky challenges and platforming tests, along with new powers and new friends. Every world is bursting with color, personality, vibrant characters, and unique mechanics to push your pawsome platforming powers to infinity and beyond!

More action = more dogs! Mysterious newcomer Luna joins the adventure, with her weaponry adding exciting new gameplay features to the fray. Alternate between playing as the swingin' hero Pablo and the shoot-first-ask-questions-later anti-hero Luna as the two journey across worlds and dimensions, keeping your adventure fresh and engaging from start to finish. Whether you're swinging, butt-bouncing, or wall-climbing your way to victory, or aiming, blasting, and running, no two levels are quite the same.

We've been working on this game alongside Super Rare Games for a while now, and it's very exciting to finally share it with the world! Look forward to more details on new features as we get closer to release.

Check out the trailer here, and also make sure you wishlist the game on steam here.


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